T O  B E A U T I F Y  A R T F U L L Y

A never ending love for Pearls.

That is what catches your eye when admiring the jewelry designed by Nicolette, who was trained as a jewellery designer in Schoonhoven (NL).

Her classic pearl necklaces, with a very special look thanks to the abundant use of pearls and precious stones, are given a unique twist: by adding new materials, new models emerge.

In addition to jewels, she also makes objects in space the last year.

PROJECT B. The art of transformation

The cusp of perfection and imperfection in the theme of the work of artist Nicolette Bénard. This is a theme one finds in her jewellery as well as in her latest project ‘Project B’, a series of wall objects in plexiglass.

In Project B. Nicolette investigates a doll position as an icon of beauty – the sum of the perfect, indulgent women – and asks: is it ideal beauty or false idealism? Project B. is in a borderland between being adorable and absurd, being quite foreign and guite recognizeble at the same time; because behind the balls of fabric, we can still see a doll’s fastidious hands and the elegant legs stick out.

A doll does however, form the ideal object to re-shape and re-imagine. With a wink and a healthy dose of humor, Nicolette works on her dolls and transforms them to… yes, to what exactly?

Nicolette Bénard Jewellery art designer, Visual artist born in the Netherlands(1967) is a well-known and well-loved designer and has won several design prizes. She graduated from the Dutch technical professional school for Silver, Goldsmiths and Design based in Schoonhoven(NL).

Her work is now shown in Japan, Taiwan, Italy, England, Belgium, Germany, Spain and The Netherlands. Her love for pearls is very prevalent in ‘Project B.’ In almost every object one will find a little pearl, like the signature of the maker. Her designs can be admired at art exhibitions, galleries, museums and in private collections.