Signed  for  Life

Elegance meets rebellion and together they capture the essence and energy of life for the two artists. Get to know the exciting collaboration between Dutch artist Nicolette Bénard and Spanish Tattoo Artist Aida Saz.

In this limited art series Nicolette’s original icons are enriched with real tattoos by the brilliant Aida Saz.

Nicolette Bénard: “Tattoos are a means to connect with the people around you, as well as with your own ideals and identity. Each artwork in this enchanting collection bears the distinctive mark of two worlds coming together. They are elegant in their wilfulness, rebellious in their individuality.’’

Aida Saz: “Signed for Life represents symbols that are significant in my life and convey something about who I am or what I want to express. They belong to periods in my life. They are expressions of my feelings about how I experience things in life.”

Strong, Rebellious, Funny, Exotic, Different, New & Stylish. These words only scratch the surface. To truly grasp the magic that is captured in this limited signed collaboration you must see it for yourself!

If you have any questions or would like to receive any information about the ‘Signed for Life’ collection, please feel free to reach out.


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